At Outspoke I am responsible for providing strategies for branding success through marketing and content. I thrive on the challenge of creating an engaging, honest and cohesive presence for our clients and also for Outspoke as an agency. Every client we work with is a new opportunity for learning, growth and creating brand experiences that keep people coming back for more.

When I was a small Irish child, I was probably the biggest Spongebob fan ever….my AIM screen name was PipsqueakPatty. (You’ll need some hardcore OG Spongebob knowledge for that reference.) I spent the first 19 or so years of my life as an international tennis player and a regular attendee taking photos at local hardcore shows. At age 13 I stopped eating meat and spent my time seeking ways to educate people about how going meatless is a rad thing to do for both humans and furry friends alike.

I spend most of my time taking photographs, my primary format is naturally lit portraits. When I’m not doing that you can still find me at local hardcore and metal shows, a good Denver brewery or more than likely snuggling my cat Mr Pickles while 30 Rock plays on TV. My favorite thing about Denver is the unbelievable amount of vegan donuts we have available to us in addition to the endless supply of locally brewed IPA’s.