My thing is creating assets and managing their implementation. I enjoy the ability to be use my creativity to create and amplify messages that matter. I love designing to fill a specific strategic need. I love creating at the intersection of message and technology. I love lamp.

The first thing I ever designed was a skate ramp. I really wanted one, but my dad wasn’t just going to build it for me. He gave me a budget, and a place in the garage it had to break down and fit into and that was my first design brief. From that project I learned all about planning, estimating and drawing things to scale. I remember being so satisfied knowing the design so well that I could tell exactly how many screws we would need to complete it. I’ve been drawing and solving design problems ever since.

I love splitting my time between the city and the mountains. Riding bikes around the Denver sampling local brews and having brunch on patios in the summer time is bliss, and I try to get up to the mountains for skiing hiking and camping at least 2 weekends a month.