My role at Outspoke is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding burden that I wouldn’t trade for a billion dollars. I’d much rather just earn that billion doing what I love. One day I’m writing copy for the launch of a new website, or wire framing a new mobile app concept. The next, standing beside the director’s chair at a casting call for an ad-campaign. Leadership and decisiveness in time-sensitive situations is demanded of me, but I do my best to put the needs of my team of above my own.

One of eight children, homeschooled by rebel entrepreneurs, I started college at sixteen. Music, craftsmanship, self-employment, art and design, are in my blood. My forebears are shopkeepers, cobblers, musicians, artists, and hardworking immigrants from around the world. According to my ‘rents, in my mother’s belly my kicks kept the beat with the music she listened to. I spoke before I crawled, and banged on the piano before I walked. At the age of two, I organized the family shoes and closets. Lego landscapes and action figures swept my room. When I needed costumes and accessories I designed and made my own. I once spent weeks sketching out every detail of every level of the spaceship I designed. It has been a great adventure, and now living and loving Denver, I bring everything to the table at Outspoke.

When I’m not working in the office, I’m working somewhere else or enjoying some downtime with my partner Anh. I wanna rock and roll all night…and part of every day.