Taking a look at myself is always a matter of looking further out into the world. I am completely involved at all times with as much of what as happening in the world as I can possibly be. I read everything I can and my list of must reads is constantly growing. Between times, between books, classes, meetings, game nights, and deadlines, you can find me at the gym. I am an avid workout nut. What does all this do for Outspoke? Everything. I need to be on my toes to keep up with the brilliance in that room. I love the challenge.

I am the first girl after five boys. I can talk G.I.Joe, Marvel, D&D, cars, boxing, wrestling, music, name it. And I love my Barbies, and every ounce of femininity I am. My parents were crazy creative loving souls. I read Kurt Vonnegut and Carlos Castaneda before I ever heard of Little House on the Prairie. Board games. Museums. Documentaries coming out my ears. Martial Arts. Body Building. Great childhood.

Diggin on Denver now, after years of Florida beaches, and don’t think I’ll ever leave. Love the mountains. The people. The energy of the town.