I work with clients to strategize and create brand experiences that engage their customers on a tangible level, through events. I help take the brand message and create an atmosphere that their customers will see, feel and remember as uniquely them. Projects can include set design, event styling, and building custom installations for the event.

Combining my experience as designer and art director with my background in engineering, I enjoy the strategy behind my work and concepting with clients to come up with something that works for their specific problem while pushing creative boundaries. I love the fact that my work is multi-faceted.

Remember those Pizza Hut reading buttons? I got so many of those, all filled with stickers, as rewards for all the books I read…which means I got a ton of free pizza. Eventually, I read through the entire school library…and I specifically remember getting my library card at the downtown public library in third grade. I felt so “adult” with my own card that I showed it for Show and Tell. I was totally that kid.

Free time as an adult means I’m staying up-to-date on current events. I’m also a maker and enjoying creating anything with my hands, whether it’s a new art project or baking a dessert to give away.