Modern real estate is one of the most aggressively competitive industries, especially here in Denver where the market is in a constant state of booming change. Jonathan Mottern is a local broker working with Green Door Living Real Estate, based just a few minutes outside the city center. As a Denver resident, Jonathan is passionate about sharing the cultural and social elements of Denver’s neighborhoods with his clients.

Due to the hyper competitive nature of the industry, it has become vital for agents to establish their personal brand instead of relying solely on an agency. This was the exact goal for Jon; to set himself apart from the pack while remaining part of a solid team.


We took a number of elements into account when strategizing around the direction Jon’s personal brand. From the curation of images and treatment styles, to the nature of what color palette to apply. We wanted Jon to stand out while bearing a comfortable, visual semblance to his mother agency Green Door Living. From there we placed heavy focus on the written content on the site, writing copy in a voice that builds rapport with a viewer while making them want to read more. It is imperative to organically provide a sense of honesty in the real estate industry as there are thousands of agents you can choose from. Potential clients are looking for a face and voice they feel they can trust.

Domain Strategy

Instead of simply applying Jonathan’s name as the primary domain context, we wanted his site to be found among a number of search criteria as well as stand out among agency driven names. We also chose the spelling to be specific to current trends around Denver and selected the abbreviated “DNVR” spelling.

Site Build

Designing was all about allowing Jon’s outgoing contemporary approach to shine through while maintaining a feel of traditional professionalism. We wanted viewers to be naturally guided through the site via visual queues, content structure and well placed CTA’s. The result is a professional site showcasing Jon’s unique personal style and expertise.