Great Divide Brewing created a full week of events and promotions to launch into Yeti Season. Yeti is one of their most popular beers around Denver and beyond. And that’s no surprise as people seem to have an uncanny obsession with the mysterious furry creature, which lead to the creation of Yeti Awareness Week.

Although Great Divide is a massive presence in the brewing world, the size of their marketing team is quite humble. They find themselves with a slew of initiatives they would like to roll out but do not have the human power or budget to achieve them. Instead of breaking the bank on expanding their marketing team as a whole, Outspoke jumped on board to build out the Yeti Awareness Week campaign.

Traffic Direction & Landing Page

Outspoke designed custom graphics and built out a landing page to direct traffic to various targeted content, all while driving email subscriptions via a PSA style petition to raise awareness about the poor misunderstood Yeti. (People were highly concerned for Yeti quality-of-life.) The next step was to set up a redirect on the homepage so that traffic to Great Divide would route through the Yeti Awareness page, building up anticipation and interest even more. To keep the experience clean and enjoyable, we only redirected the page once, ensuring visitors returning to the site on the same day would be taken to the regular homepage. Additionally, a hover link back to Yeti Awareness was placed over every page.

Team Collaboration

We collaborated closely with Great Divide’s marketing team and Filmmaker Roxy Harbiter. Roxy and the marketing team made a series of Yeti videos, written content, and ran promotions that we drove traffic to the Great Divide the Yeti Awareness landing page. So how did all this Yeti business pan out? It was a notable success. Over the course of one week Great Divide got over 2,000 new email signups. The lore of the Yeti lives on!