Great Divide Brewing brings their catchphrase “Bold Characters” to every carefully crafted beer they create. Their dynamic lineup of brews are enjoyed across the nation as well as in some parts of Europe. Last summer they opened their second location in the RiNo Arts District, dedicated to barrel aging and packaging. They’ve got big plans for the future and have only just begun!

When we came on board the team at Great Divide had their needs clearly defined. Their initial website build was done by another great agency and we had the pleasure of taking a look under the hood to enhance the quality of their preexisting work. Not starting from scratch is a common occurrence in our industry, and we frequently step in to assist in scaling or the completion of ongoing projects. Sometimes our role for a client is to take that preexisting work to another level.


One of the main pain points was slow load times on the Great Divide website so we started by cleaning up the backend for optimal page speed. From there we noticed some of the plugins were causing clunky behavior. Instead of simply doing a plugin update, we went in and rebuilt elements of the core theme to work more effectively with the specific functionality Great Divide needed. Updating plugins will certainly help site performance, but by restructuring other core elements it creates a more palatable foundation for everything else to run smoothly as well.

Training & Ongoing Support

Once the site was ready for relaunch, we met with the Great Divide team to provide a full training on how to make ongoing updates and access any information they might need. With the updated Great Divide site, load times are much faster, and we are better able to track the performance of each page so that we can make informed decisions on future marketing goals and tactics.