Ever wondered what it would be like to craft your own bow and arrow by hand? How about learning to write in perfect script typography? If you replied “Yes” to either of these, you’re looking for The Craftsman & Apprentice experience. This workshop in Denver’s City Park West neighborhood is the ultimate spot for both kids and adults to learn niche crafts and skills you might not encounter otherwise.

Craftsman & Apprentice owner, Delanie had a very firm vision and grasp on exactly what she needed for the site. Aside from the basics (a good looking, branded site that works) she had specific functional elements that were vital to accomplish. Starting with the simple, we built out a basic shop for purchasing hard goods. From there, we began laying out the events calendar in a way that also tied to a ticket purchase page without being a part of the hard goods shop. For this to work we needed to find and deploy a robust, responsive calendar to allow for a variety of actions. First, it needed to accurately display all C&A upcoming events, each event also needed to link to it’s own ticketing page. This is where things got a bit tricky and we called in a few custom elements. For certain events, C&A offers a “Buy one Ticket, Get One for $X”, to make this work with the Shopify platform, we customized a few third party plugins to streamline the process. If that’s not fancy enough for you, events for children also required a (digitally editable) parent waiver in addition to automated PDF ticket replies for attendees.

The final major functionality goal for Craftsman & Apprentice was one of the most vital: Private Event Rental. The C&A workshop is a fantastic place to host an interactive party with all the creative outlets it provides. Knowing this we addressed the calendar in place and created a process by which customers can select a date on the calendar to rent out the workshop, automatically eliminating any dates that are unavailable. To do this we had to link the bulk events calendar to the venue rental area to ensure no “blackout” dates were showing as available for booking.


Because the specific needs in terms of functionality, we did a considerable amount of research on what platform to use for C&A. After reviewing the major contenders, Shopify had the most appropriate structure and integrations for reaching the client’s goals.


We produced new brand photography for Craftsman & Apprentice in their workshop filled with abundant natural light. Instead of your cookie cutter image format, we wanted the visual assets to reflect what it is like to be at an actual workshop with C&A. From there, we processed each image with precisely the same feel, tones and texture for consistency.

While most of the content from the original Craftsman & Apprentice website was repurposed for the new site, we also wrote auxiliary copy for the homepage and certain key subpages.

Technical Integrations

We investigated and deployed custom solutions for certain areas of the Craftsman site. For example, while Shopify is not built with a standard events calendar or ticketing portal, there are a number of plugins specific to Shopify that provide each of those functions. Booking events and creating the functionality to select a date for a private rental are very different processes. While they both result in the booking/purchase of an event, the way these are accomplished on a website are much more complex than it seems. To alleviate confusion among event attendees and private bookings, we deployed a third party plugin to streamline C&A’s booking method.

Overall, the primary goal with this project was to not only build an informative, aesthetically pleasing website for the client but to alleviate cumbersome event booking and ticket purchasing processes.