Chinook Fund is a nonprofit foundation that supports community-based organizations which seek to better the socio-economic situations of their communities. We came on board with Chinook Fund to revitalize their brand image and redesign their website to showcase the amazing work they do. Their website at the time was outdated and virtually unmanageable, causing a variety of problems for the Chinook Funds staff. In addition, their brand was inconsistent, and did not reflect who they are, or accurately convey their culture to the audiences they needed to reach. We knew that to resolve these headaches, it was going to take an entire brand overhaul. This involved a new logo, brand font, and color scheme…the works! This new look would have to truly encapsulate the idea and mission of Chinook Fund: Welcoming, Supportive and Influential.

Brand Development

From the get-go, we began creating a custom, hand drawn logo that spoke to the nature of Chinook Fund. We initially explored a few concepts that inspired “Justice + Strength” through the visual graphic of a protestors hand in the air. We decided that idea was a bit too aggressive, and collaborated with our graphic artist to develop a more community based image. This led to the creation of the four individually colored humans. Not only does the current logo embody a sense of inclusivity, but it speaks to the physically diverse and spiritual nature of the people Chinook Fund serves day to day.

We decided on a muted color scheme with an approachable and professional vibe. In addition to addressing the visual needs of Chinook Fund, we added call-to-action banners on a majority of the subpages. This prompts their viewers to interact with every meaningful click on their website, from volunteering to monetary donations.

Tangible Goods

We also knew Chinook Fund’s efforts were not solely digital. With that in mind, we built custom-branded tangible goods to support their cause. We started with business cards to match the new website design, which evolved into mail flyers, newsletters, event flyers and other promotional collateral.

Continued Success

Since the launch of their website, Chinook Fund has been able to manage and update their content with ease. We installed tools to allow their staff to change content in a simple but sophisticated way. Another success of the new launch was the mobile intuitive nature of the design. This guaranteed that no matter what device you’re using, Chinook Fund’s site would operate seamlessly with functionality and ease. We also integrated a new online donation system, making it safe and easy to receive funds and support from donors. The improved user experience and user interface built into the new website made it easier for the Chinook team to access their content and make changes. All in all, the new cohesive Chinook Fund brand experience is much more reflective of who they are and what they stand for.